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Our Mission

Fish for Change is a refocus on who, how, and why we are fly-fishing

Connection – Education – Outreach – Exploration 

Our Mission is to use fly-fishing as a platform to make the world a better place by uniting a diverse group of students in wild fisheries where they engage in a variety of initiatives that promote Connection, Education, Conservation, and Exploration.

Fish for Change is a nonprofit organization that offers international fly fishing programs for a diverse group of students that carry out local initiatives, including mangrove restoration, teaching english as a second language, community art projects, trash clean ups, and more. Our goal is to create a generation of conscious anglers who use fishing as a platform to change the world. Throughout the course of the program, students integrate with local communities and work together in local and global initiatives. 





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Current Initiatives

  • Mangrove Restoration
  • Literacy Programs
  • Community Art Projects
  • Recycling and Kick Plastic
  • Guanaja Hospital Development
  • BTT Fish Tagging

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Fish For Change


Giving to Fish for Change makes dreams come true in real time.

Fish for Change donations allow students from diverse surroundings to engage in our service-oriented fly-fishing programs around the world. Although anyone can sign up for our programs, the cost is prohibitive to the average family.

Our programs are proven to change lives into people who change the world and we feel this opportunity should be available to everyone interested.

Thank you, We appreciate your generosity!

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