Hidden Opportunity

Today, in Guanaja, Hal Gray was wading along the barren flats in search of the coveted bonefish. He had been scanning for hours by this point and had multiple opportunities to connect, yet the fish were not cooperating. Hal continued scanning for any sign of fish when he decided to adjust the way his line was situated on the surface of the water. He, without thinking, blindly roll casted his line just to the right to set it up for an easier cast. He continued to scan while his fly lay just to his right, when suddenly he felt a violent jerk on the end of his line, yet as he looked to his right, the line snapped and the bonefish quickly darted away with his fly. Many times in life we don’t pay attention to certain aspects or events and miss an incredible opportunity that may never present itself again. No matter how small or irrelevant something may be, always be aware of hidden opportunity.

By: Carter Stokes and Hal Gray