One Cast

One Cast Closer to Enlightenment

After a month of heavily gusting winds the atmosphere begins to calm and the Guanajan coast takes a breath. The salty water slowly drifts back towards the deep ocean. Finally, a calm morning we could see the mainland of Honduras stretching along the horizon. Showing signs that today was going to be a good fishing day. First pull and the motor of our 40 horsepower Panga was rumbling, ready to receive more fuel. No less than a mile, I had my first shot on the buggy whip at a school of 10 permit. The first cast landed right to their side, another cast landed behind them spooking them into a frenzy. They came back around and the third cast was perfect. As they muscled towards my fly with a sense of urgency I felt an eat. I set the hook and the line started flying but something didn’t feel right. My line was wrapped around the bow line on the front of the boat so I jumped forward to free it. At that time, we realized it was not a permit that ate my fly but a yellow jack. My excitement was soon exhausted but I was thrilled  anyways to get a fish boat side. Our guide Darin with a cool relaxed manner jumped down off the poling platform and said let’s go find some more pompajack (permit) while this tide is still high. One pull and we were off on a mission to find any sort of tail.

So we cruised casually and cool just how Darin likes it to the North side of the Guanaja. Where we were met with gusty winds and shallow empty flats. We continued our voyage in search of the elusive.

Darin cool and relaxed, slowly was pulling me onto a shoreline with some scattered
bonefish. I dropped a spawning shrimp fly on my first cast right in front of a bonefish tic tic tic he started to follow chasing it all the way to the boat and never attacking. Soon after a couple other shots Darin says cast into that Mud hole. On the first cast I let it sink for 5 long seconds until WAM I felt a hit and set the hook keeping my rod low. This was my first tango with a bonefish. What felt like an hour was more likely a mere 7 minutes. I leapt into the water fish vs man slowly letting some line out as to not loose tension. I grabbed the leader and let the fish meet my hand finalizing our match.

I had thoughts that I was going to leave this fishing mecca without a fish of my dreams
but the universe opened up with only 2 days left. I got the privilege of catching one of the
earth’s finest creatures with my brother Kyle and my camera man Erik. I couldn’t ask for two better people to have with me for that moment. Being a fisherman is simple but being a fly fisherman is deep. Fly Fisherman have a unique connection to the land growing closer to it with ever cast. Giving us the ability to appreciate the resources around how we can make a difference in this world through our passion for world and people. Always striving for that one extra cast that can make the most change.

Guanaja is like no other place on this earth it’s a place that will not be forgotten for its
were pine trees meets with salt air. A smell so powerful that is brings a man one sniff closer to understanding life. Never take for granted the simple moments, even experiencing a new smell can be just as life altering as catching the fish of your dreams. A big thanks to the staff and crew of Fly Fish Guanaja (Fish For Change) for making these two weeks life changing and inspiring. I know we are going to do some great things for this world and look forward to seeing you all in
the future.

Keith Rossin