History of Fish for Change
by Steven Calaway Brown

People have been fishing for change for a long time.


After years of discussion, development, and research, our team concluded that to put the MOVEMENT into action, we needed an organization.

Developing Fish for Change as a non-profit compelled us to form an official team with a laser-focused mission.

Fish for Change is a non-profit organization that creates and supports fly-fishing programs that make the world a better place through:

Connection, Education, Conservation, and Exploration.


Fish for Change is what we started calling the positive impact we were having in Guanaja, Honduras. The clients, students, and guides were all Fishing for Change and we became organized in our concept.

We identified ways we could make a difference and engaged. Our clients donated, our students volunteered, and Fly Fish Guanaja became the center of Fish for Change on multiple levels.

As our student and client numbers increased our power to create real change became evident, in the growth of a forest, and a hospital.

Fish for Change as a MOVEMENT:

As our concept materialized and took life, we comprehended a world where everyone Fished for Change.

What if all clients looked at their fishing trips with a lens of philanthropy? What if more students could engage in our programs and carry out initiatives all over the world? How can we unite?

A call to action was needed, so we made the film, “Beyond the Horizon”.

“Beyond the Horizon” is a story of redemption and exploration through the narrative of our lead Honduran guide, Rankin Lester Coleman Jackson. Rankin tells his life story and how fly-fishing offered him a way out of the dangerous narco world. The film goes on to document real time exploration of a new fishery in remote terrain.


The exploration inspires even more jobs and we announce the CONCEPT of Fish for Change at the end of the film, calling for a MOVEMENT. The film has received over 1 million views and earned several awards in the film industry.

Mission accomplished, a call to action has been heard all over the world.

The MOVEMENT is a re-focus on who, how, and why we are fly-fishing.