Impact Partners

Along side our team of impact partners, we make change to our planet, its people, and its
fisheries. We can not thank them enough for all they do on behalf of Fish for Change’s mission.

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Bonefish Tarpon Trust

BTT conserves and restores bonefish, tarpon and permit fisheries and habitats through
research, stewardship, education and advocacy. Fish for Change programs engage in
BTT research with students as they educate young conservationist.

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Orvis promotes the 50/50 movement in order to encourage a more comfortable environment for women to get on the water and form a community around the sport of fly fishing. Fish for Change has teamed up with Orvis in order to create the first ever all girls week during one of our programs.

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Douglas Fly Rods has kindly provided us with the equipment needed to get new students into fly fishing. Fish for Change is providing an assortment of scholarships, from local student involvement to state side schools. Each scholarship recipient will be outfitted with the gear needed to be a fly fisherman for a lifetime.

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Bay Islands Conservation Association is a nonprofit in the Honduras working hard to initiate and coordinate efforts in protecting the fragile resources of the Honduran Islands. Fly Fish Guanaja teams up with BICA in hopes to continue to reestablish strong mangrove habitats.

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Mar Alliance

Mar Alliance explores, enables, and inspires positive change for threatened marine wildlife, their critical habitats and dependent human communities. We work along their side in research and educational projects pertaining to Guanaja’s shark populations.

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Friends of the Environment

Friends of the Environment works with local Bahamian kids to teach them about conserving and protecting the ecosystem of their islands. Fish for Change will work alongside Friends of the Environment students on projects such as mangrove restoration and plastic clean ups.

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Trout Unlimited

TU Teens program educates and promotes the next generation of conservationist and leaders within our sport. We are teaming up in order to expose trout fisherman to the salt.

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For every piece of merchandise sold, MANG plants one mangrove. Fish for Change is teaming up with MANG to plant mangrove’s in Guanaja and rebuild the nurseries needed for healthy fish populations.

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The International Game Fish Association is the world governing body for the sport of fishing. We abide by their regulations and parallel on our missions to add more ethical fisherman to our planet.

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Global Rescue

Global Rescue provides Travel Risk and Crisis Management Service’s around the globe. We are thankful to team up with Global Rescue to provide discounted plans to our guests to ensure that everyone that steps foot in our program has the safest travel plan possible

AuStin Serving ABACO 

 Fish for Change is a proud supporter of Austin Serving Abaco. Austin Serving Abaco, ASA, is a non profit organization created to assist Haitian immigrants and native Bahamians in need, with a focus on helping children receive an education, assisting them in meeting their basic needs, and creating an atmosphere of hope and encouragement.