Campeche, Mexico 2019

Fish for Change is a refocus on who, how, and why we are fly-fishing

Connection – Education – Conservation- Exploration 

To use fly-fishing as a platform to make the world a better place by uniting a diverse group of students in wild fisheries where they engage in a variety of initiatives that promote Connection, Education, Outreach, and Exploration.

Fish for Change Campeche program is a unique and strongly culturally based experience in Mexico. Based out of Campeche Tarpon lodge, students will have the opportunity to fish in one of the healthiest tarpon fisheries in the world in pursuit of baby tarpon ranging from 5 – 60lbs. Students will also be submersed in the local community and environment throughout their time in this program.

During our one week program, students will be provided with the knowledge and instruction to improve their angling abilities with a focus in tarpon fishing from casting to tying knots. All levels of angling are welcomed to partake on this adventure of a lifetime. As well, we will be conducting fly tying seminars for students to understand the patterns used in this region and take shots at tarpon with their personally tied flies.

They will be visiting Edzna City and Campeche’s Historic Downtown to learn about the Mayan culture and history of this location. Experiences throughout the course are used to inspire writing seminars and discussions between students and mentors. We hope to have you participating and growing with our organization.

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2019 CAmpeche, Mexico 

Student Weeks

 July 27 – August 3 

Campeche Brochure

Accommodation – Enrico Puglisi’s New Lodge 

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