Pollito Scholarship

Recently, one of the local boys in Guanaja passed away in a tragic accident. Alexander, whose close friends and family called Pollito, grew up alongside our Guanaja Fish for Change program.

He was always intrigued by fly fishing and aspired to one day be a guide. Throughout the course of our past programs, Pollito developed strong friendships with students and brought a lot of light into the lives of those around him. We are so thankful for the time shared with Alexander and hope to memorialize his spirit through the Pollito Scholarship.

This past summer, Pollito played a crucial role in the creation of the art wall in Guanaja (Shown third from right in photo below). He was eager to help and immerse himself within our program each and every day. Next year, we plan to add to this wall and keep his spirit alive forever.

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This year, we will be sending local students each week to participate in Fish for Change student programs from the community. Our immersion programs will help to educate locals on fly fishing and allow them to gain a stronger appreciation for protecting their fisheries while also benefiting from, and adding to, a uniquely wonderful cultural exchange opportunity. For some, this program will turn into a life long career in the world of fly fishing and conservation.

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If you are interested in being a part of a Fish for Change Program in your local community, please apply today!

We look forward to helping shape the next generation of stewards within this sport.

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Final approval of scholarship recipients will be voted on by Fish for Change’s Board of Directors and released during the beginning of March.